Finding and promoting talents – panel discussion at Swiss Football Champion BSC Young Boys

It is one of the biggest challenges in professional sport and business life: Where can you find the best talents? How can you promote them? And how do you keep them on board? A panel discussion on an interesting topic at Swiss Football Champion BSC Young Boys in the Stade de Suisse. With the experts Wolfgang Jenewein, Christoph Spycher and Christian Vifian.

Weltklasse Zurich with Janine Geigele

Weltklasse Zurich is the world famous athletics meeting. An incredible history in the past 91 years. Janine Geigele is the stadium announcer once again. The first time on this job, she was about 18 years old and very nervous… and today? Not anymore 🙂 But please keep your fingers crossed for her and her speaker colleagues David Zumbach and Dominique Stark.

Photo: Urs Jaudas

Big audience, a lot about future and an Olympic champion

Janine Geigele moderated the Raiffeisen Forum at the Stade de Suisse. 800 people were present and there were no more free seats. And this is why: Futurologist Joël Luc Cachelin spoke about the highly relevant topic of digital transformation. Triathlon Olympic champion Nicola Spirig was also a guest speaker in Berne.

European Games Minsk 2019 – the kick-off

4000 athletes and 15 sports – these are the European Games in Minsk from 21 to 30 June. The kick-off took place in Berne: Janine Geigele moderated the media conference together with representatives from Swiss Olympic, Belarus (Republic of Belarus) and several top athletes.

Photo: Mauro Mellone

Powell show at the Diamond League Meeting Stockholm

Stockholm is considered one of the best Diamond League meetings in the world. Here the crème de la crème of the athletics stars is always at the start. Janine Geigele moderated the media conference together with CEO Jan Kowalski. Once again, long-jump world record holder Mike Powell from the USA took part. His 8.95 meters at the 1991 World Championships are just as unforgettable as his show talent. He also owned the stage in 2019.

Raiffeisen Talk with Massimo Ceccaroni

He hasn’t forgotten his football skills – and he can still talk as well as ever:
Massimo Ceccaroni at the Raiffeisen Talk at FC Basel.

Migros Cadre Conference

Migros hasn’t always appeared in the best light in the press lately. At this year’s conference with over 600 employees from the Migros Aare cadre, however, the mood was positive and the focus was on the future. Reformer and Migros boss Fabrice Zumbrunnen wants to make Migros more profitable and at the same time calls for a cultural change. How does he intend to achieve this? With a lot of commitment and courage.
Janine Geigele moderated this exciting conference for one day. And the best thing is: she will be there again next year to learn more about the new course.

You build on failure

Heinz Frei and Patrizia Kummer. He is a legend in disabled sports, has won everything one can win. She is an Olympic snowboard champion and has won the overall World Cup three times.
The two showcase athletes are separated by 31 years of age. Do their secrets of success differ? How do they deal with highs and lows? How do they deal with victories and setbacks? Heinz Frei and Patrizia Kummer at the interesting panel discussion at the Neue Aargauer Bank.

Presenter at the Thun sports awards

Great honour for individual and team athletes, volunteers and helpers at the sports awards of the city of Thun. Wacker Thun with coach Martin Rubin was also happy about the award.

Photo: Patric Spahni