That was our 2019

Shootings, media training, crisis communication – and of course lots and lots of sport: 2019 was as exciting as it was varied for us. A big thank you for all the exciting assignments. And a big thank you to Carol Steimle, who is moving on after two years with Geigele Communications. Carol, the time with you was great! Patrick Y. Fischer has joined the team. Welcome to the team!

Photo: Valeriano Di Domenico

«Athletes are more in demand than ever before»

«Swiss athletes can hardly save themselves from requests to advertise on Instagram. Companies have recognized: Athletes are born influencers.» You can read the exciting article from the NZZ am Sonntag of 8 December 2019 with inputs by Janine Geigele here.

Influencer marketing – what is personal, what is commercial?

Top athletes and advertising in social media are a delicate field. Where does personal mail stop, where does commerce begin? The judgement of the Fairness Commission in the case of Jolanda Neff has caused a stir, the uncertainty is great. After the discussion at the sports forum “Influencer and the case of Jolanda Neff” it is clear, according to the experts, that she has not done much wrong – she is rather a victim.

Photo: Gabriele Griessenböck

PluSport Panel Discussion on Assisted Living and Cyborgs

Disabled today, wired tomorrow? Are artificial assistance systems a curse or a blessing? What does Assisted Living mean? Will cyborgs become reality? Janine Geigele discussed interesting topics like these with those affected and scientists at the panel discussion at the Swiss Handicap Fair in Lucerne.

Photo: Buchli Photography

Journalists as undesirable creatures?

Football clubs make access to the stadium difficult for unpopular journalists, and press representatives are fobbed off with carefully formulated statements from their exponents: Have media representatives got themselves into this situation? Are they increasingly the undesirable creature? Interesting discussion by with Janine Geigele, Georg Heitz, Matthias Hüppi and Ueli Kägi.

Photo: Martin Dominik Zemp

Influencer marketing in sports – what’s okay and what isn’t?

Athletes and advertising on social media? This is a hard nut to crack, because: Where does the personal opinion end? Where does the commercial interest begin? And what does the recent rebuke by the Lauterkeitskommission to well-known Swiss athletes mean for influencer marketing in sport? Janine Geigele and Thomas Meier from the Swiss Fairness Commission will be discussing this at the Swiss Sports Forum in Lucerne on 28 November 2019.

Presentation for the Danish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce

Geigele Communications likes to think outside the box of sport. For example the 10th anniversary of the Danish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, which Janine Geigele hosted in the Dolder Grand. An enriching experience with exciting guests and a prominent model: Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. At the speed painting, his portrait was finished after 4:59 minutes.

Photo: Henrik Nielsen

Daniela Ryf’s fight with stomach problems at Ironman Hawaii

To fight the hardest Ironman in the world on Hawaii with strong stomach problems and not be able to absorb energy – then that is a matter of impossibility. Daniela Ryf finished her Ironman nevertheless, what a great performance. The smile will come back!🏊‍♂️🚵‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪

Photo: Keystone