Consulting and positioning in management and media relations for top-level athletes such as Daniela Ryf, Nicola Spirig, Jolanda Neff, Patrick Fischer or Angelica Moser and Alan Roura.


Alan Roura
Angelica Moser
Daniela Ryf
Keeping Daniela Ryf's back free when it comes to dealing with media and public appearances.
Former: Viktor Röthlin and Lisa Urech
Public relations
Jolanda Neff
Commitments vis-à-vis sponsors and media are part of Jolanda Neff's everyday life, along with practice and competitions. We provide personal space for her.
Nicola Spirig
Triathlon Olympic champion and triple mother Nicola Spirig is aiming for her fifth Olympic Games. We help her in her very busy everyday life.
Patrick Fischer
2020 Ice Hockey World Championship in Switzerland: While national coach Patrick Fischer concentrates on strategy, we support him regarding issues outside the rink.